How Much Truth Do We Need?

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Fiction writers are always facing the question of how factual we need to be, how much should we respect the actuality, as Alan Clark termed it so memorably.  Do we, for example, refer to real life celebrities in our work or do we employ sound-alike names or even resort to the coy dash favoured by […]

Their Finest: Passing the Bechdel Test

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Based on Lissa Evan’s novel Their Finest Hour and a Half and directed by Lone Scherfig, this film is delightfully feel-good nostalgia with just enough clear-sighted realism to save it from schmaltz. Bill Nighy’s brilliantly louche portrayal of an ageing actor, downgraded from romantic lead to drunken old sea salt, provides the laughs, but the […]

Easter: Time for a Writer’s Rebirth and Redemption

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Easter seems much nicer than Christmas to me with its pagan emphasis on bunnies, bonnets and chocolates. It takes place just as the weather perks up and the birdies start their flirty chirping among the early blossoms. The austerity and self-sacrifice of Lent is over for those of us who renounced box sets and Haagen […]

Like Language just changes soooh much! Annoying new ways with words

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“So going forward,” said my Chalk colleague Jo at our last meeting, “you could like really rock a new blog.” I almost snapped my pencil in half. Then I noticed the twinkle in Jo’s eye. “Like something on new ways of speaking that irk the over-forties, you know?” Jo’s voice rose in an inquiring Australian […]

La La Lion – feel-good for 2017

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Last year started with Bowie’s death, peaked with Brexit and the loss of Prince, and ended horribly with George Michael’s demise and Trump’s triumph. Throw in the loss of a dozen more cultural icons from Lemmy and Alan Rickman to Victoria Wood and Fidel Castro, the usual doom and destruction around the globe, and the […]