Like Language just changes soooh much! Annoying new ways with words

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“So going forward,” said my Chalk colleague Jo at our last meeting, “you could like really rock a new blog.” I almost snapped my pencil in half. Then I noticed the twinkle in Jo’s eye. “Like something on new ways of speaking that irk the over-forties, you know?” Jo’s voice rose in an inquiring Australian […]

La La Lion – feel-good for 2017

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Last year started with Bowie’s death, peaked with Brexit and the loss of Prince, and ended horribly with George Michael’s demise and Trump’s triumph. Throw in the loss of a dozen more cultural icons from Lemmy and Alan Rickman to Victoria Wood and Fidel Castro, the usual doom and destruction around the globe, and the […]

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a List

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It’s traditional for bloggers to provide a list of Christmas books/movies/gift ideas/hangover cures/things not to do at the office party so why should I deviate? I decided to eschew Louisa May Alcott, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Dickens and all the other sentimental, feel-good favourites and find you some of the worst, least merry, most miserable and […]

Self-Publishing Tips from Amazon Bestseller Dee Palmer

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When bestselling Erotica author Dee Palmer came to talk to us about her work a few weeks ago there was far more emphasis on algorithms than throbbing rhythms. If we’d hoped for tips on titillation we were disappointed as successful entrepreneur Dee was all business. In 2014, Dee rose to a family challenge to do […]

Italian Writing Retreat: Words and Images

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Our sixth retreat in Italy is over with the usual creative twists and turns: a new novel started, an old one finely tuned; someone discovered that they didn’t want to write a novel at all and embarked on a non-fiction book; a new writer amazed us with flowing, beautifully observed tales of life in rural […]